"I don't ever crave extraordinary moments anymore, just small, gentle hums of beauty
streaming from below, above, and beyond simply from paying attention. Sound. Light.
Shadow. Art. Warmth. The night. The morning, dreams that are not far away but exist right
here already in my days, hands, and heart."
– Victoria Erickson

Documentary and Lifestyle Photographer Creating Meaningful and Storytelling Photos and Films for you

About Iris

These are what I meant by little moments ...

Sometimes we don’t remember what exactly happen that day that year, those memories are just some ordinary moments that are unexpected, momentary and fleeting. But we can recall those tiny details in that midsummer day ——the smell of flowers, sparkles in the air, persons’ laughs and soft words ...

feeling before forgetting

My Why

Hi, I’m the girl behind Light by Iris Photography. Based in Portland, Oregon, and I’m always ready to travel! Creating art out of love is my passion, and I am SO excited to tell you more about me and my work!

My goal is to capture your intimate moments — special occasions, ordinary everyday life, the in-betweens and beyond. At the end of the day, the things that matter are those moments where you being with loved ones, chaos, messy, real and beautiful. I’m here to document those memories, so that you will forever be able to look back to those times.

As you look at my photos, I hope you are experiencing the faded memories than just looking at beautiful photos. I hope my photos can bring you in that time in that place, where I was, feel what I feel that time when I took photos… and maybe you can, because those feelings are similar to your own faded memories of the past. 

Iris Hu

I am a mother to two beautiful and wild little humans, and I truly enjoy the simple things in life. Most days you can find me curled up on a cozy corner with a good book, a strong cup of coffee, and some music coming from my beloved turntable. Painting admittedly relaxes me, and I’m known to score real gems when I’m thrifting. Things I can’t live without: sushi, music, and LIGHT. In fact, I’m 100% light inspired. I’m one of the few photographers who truly shoot at any time of day – whether that’s overcast, full sun, or Golden Hour…I truly love them all!

I take a journalistic approach to capture real and emotive moments that speak to the heart. My sessions are laid back so you can feel relax enough to let your authentic story shine. I’m also happy to photograph you wherever you feel most comfortable, whether that’s a bustling downtown setting or in the quietness of your own home. 

If you believe in capturing meaningful images to express the honest moments of love and connections, and you want to make a friend who genuinely cares about your story and who you are, let’s connect, and work together to tell the heart of your story!

In 10 or 20 years, you might not be able to remember those names and faces. Memories are faded, but hopefully these images will be your Proust moment — the smell of tall grass and wild flowers; the sweet breeze of one summer afternoon; the sound of waves and splashes in the creek; the belly laughs and ring around the rosey in the sunlight…

Unexpected rain shower

having spontaneous adventure with our families

an evening walk

Hikes in the wilderness

snuggle snuggle snuggle

watching the rise of the moon

Exploring lost locations with each other

Slow mornings at favorite coffee shop

Hanging out at backyard

My favorite things in life look a little like:

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