Why I like To Shoot Family Photo Sessions In The Morning Light

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November 3, 2022

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There’s a lot to consider when trying to decide the perfect time of the day to have your family photos taken, but it all comes down to light. Natural light is the best kind of light for photography. I know everyone loves golden hour light, but not all places are like sunny California with golden light guaranteed daily, say you are in Portland Oregon. In that case, there’s no better time to take advantage of it than in the morning. Morning family photo sessions are great for several reasons:

Your Portland family photographer can avoid harsh light

While many families love the golden hour look, morning light is beautifully filtered, too, with a fresh and crisp look. And sunrise light is as beautiful as a golden hour look.

It’s ideal for family with younger kids

Some young kids don’t do well in the evening time. The sun rises early in the morning, which is ideal for some families with young kids who are getting up super early in the morning.

You might have fewer distractions during your morning family photo session

You’re more likely to have fewer interruptions when taking photos early in the morning – the kids are rested, and parents are less stressed from work or school commitments. This means they’ll be able to focus more clearly on what matters most: creating lasting memories together!

Starting with something positive can set a good tone for everything else that happens later in the day. When you feel energized, you’re more likely to have a positive attitude throughout the rest of your day. That can help bring out the best in everyone around you!

You’ll have more time in your schedule

It’s hard to find a time that works for everyone, especially if you’re trying to coordinate with other family members and your Portland family photographer. Scheduling your shoot early in the morning means you don’t have to obsess over coordinating schedules and can get your family photos taken without worrying about other commitments later in the day.

-Colors pop better in the morning than at any other time of day. The sun is lower in the sky in the morning and casts a softer glow on your family, which makes the complexions look smoother. This can make it easier for your Portland family photographer to capture beautiful images that truly reflect the personality of your entire family.

-No mid-day glare. Mid-day glare can make it difficult for your Portland family photographer to capture beautiful outdoor images. The sun is higher in the sky during these hours – meaning it will cast harsh shadows on your face. This makes it more difficult for families to relax because they’re constantly squinting or covering their eyes. By scheduling your shoot early in the morning, you can avoid these issues and ensure everyone looks their best.

In my opinion (as a Portland Family Photographer), the morning light is the ideal time for me to capture photos because it looks great on everyone. It’s true, you can get great shots at any time of day, but if you want your family photo session to be super-smooth, you should book it in the morning. If you need a Portland family photographer and want to book a fall session for your family, please get in touch with me today!

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