Annette’s Family With A Child In Spectrum

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Iris Hu

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March 8, 2021

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I know 2021 just started, but I’m sure this motherhood session is going to be one of my favorite forever. Annette drove with her kids from Houston to Austin and I’m sure they brought all the sunlight along. We got the brightest sun that day, and got 5 minutes golden hour, but they just rocked the harsh light, and I wouldn’t want anything differently. This sweet little girl has Autism, but I see their amazing connections through the way her mama and big sister and brother be with her. During that session we had full sun, but heir love is truly brighter than the sun. Here I quoted what Annette wrote about this session and I’m so touched
“As I sit here today between power outages; I have been walking through a story that Iris so beautifully told of my family.
A story about a mom and her world; Her everything.
A story like many others; with chapters of victories and pain, Ups and downs, but they always make it through … together.
A story about a family that is close enough to perfect for me. “

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